Darcie Fohrman was interviewed by Emily Saich, Monterey Bay Aquarium Senior Manager of Exhibition Projects, for her Exhibition Strategies class at John Hopkins University, Master of Arts in Museum Studies.
This course introduces the diverse strategies and approaches used in exhibition planning, development and implementation. It asks students to think critically about exhibitions and the interface between objects, concept and experience.
Darcie’s interview about the planning and design of Remember the Children: Daniel’s Story at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. is used to discuss delivering difficult topics appropriate to a specific audience and approaches to collaborative (rather than curator-centric) exhibit development.
As Saich says to Fohrman in the interview, “I was looking for a good example of difficult content exhibited very intentionally towards a target audience. Daniel’s Story is not only a good example of this, but one that many of my previous students have mentioned was impactful to them during discussions this particular course week. So meeting you, and including your thoughts about developing the exhibit, your collaborative approach, and it’s intentionality were a perfect fit!”
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