As President and Creative Director of ObjectIDEA, Matt Kirchman works to create compelling, engaging, and memorable museum experiences.

Matt is especially interested and skilled in assisting institutions as they consider new physical spaces – new construction projects, gallery renovations, and facilities expansions. Typically, he works in any of three ways:

  • As a planning and design consultant, leading museums through the interpretive planning and exhibition development process.
  • As an owner’s representative as museums engage the services of designers and architects, ensuring that the institution’s best interests are at the heart of planning and design decision-making.
  • As a collaborator, working in partnership with architects, exhibition designers, and fabricators, bringing interpretive rationale to the design approach and vision to the visitor’s experience.

Prior to forming ObjectIDEA, Matt was an exhibition developer and Manager of Interpretation at several notable exhibition planning and design firms. He also brings an in-house perspective to the planning process by calling on his experience as a designer at the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and as an educator for several parks and museums across the United States. Matt has consulted with large projects in the U.S., and with national museums in Australia, the Middle East, and Europe.

In addition to his activity in the profession at large, Matt serves the museum field through his roles on the Boards for the New England Museum Association and the National Association for Interpretation. He contributes to the development of the field by serving on the faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Museum Studies, at Tufts University.

Matt resides in historic Salem, Massachusetts with his wife, Jennifer. They collect museum encounters and Matt keeps a database record of each and every one. His current collection numbers over 500 visits – Bangkok to Boston; New Zealand to New York.

Matt Kirchman
9 Naples Road
Salem, MA 01970
617 233-8702 phone
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