TMG Members regularly deliver keynotes, chair sessions, and facilitate conversations at national and international conferences. Check here to see where our members will be presenting or have presented

AASLH Annual Meeting; (September 24–30, 2020; online): Evelyn Orantes presents Democratizing Curation with Chair Beth Maloney, Museum Education Consultant, Baltimore, MD; Kate Gruber, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, Williamsburg, VA: Rahul Gupta, The Wing, Seattle, WA: Evelyn Orantes, Independent Consultant, Oakland, CA

Museum Association of New York Annual Conference; (March 29-31, 2020; Albany, NY): Marsha Semmel presented “Partnership as Strategy: A Leadership Conversation,” discussing how partnerships strengthen museums, build strong community ties, and support the ‘bottom line’.

ILLC (Informal Learning Leadership Collaborative) Summit 2020; (February 25-29; San Diego, CA): Marsha Semmel will be a Leadership Conversation Moderator with Micah Parzen, CEO of the San Diego Museum of Man.

Council of American Jewish Museums Annual Conference ; (February 22-25, 2020; Dallas, TX): Marsha Semmel was a Plenary Session Moderator with the topics “Changing Missions/Changing Institutions” and “What do our audiences (and potential audiences) care about now, and how might this shape our fundamental work, values, and missions?”

ReImagining the Museum, organized by Fundación TyPA (Argentina) and the American Alliance of Museums-AAM (USA); (November 20-22, 2019; Oaxaca, Mexico): Barbaray Henry and Kathleen Mclean co-facilitated the practitioner session for Gender Order: Reconfiguring Museum Strategies; James Volkert chaired a panel discussion titled The Narcissist Pause: Curators facing a Refracted Mirror. Panelists included Richard Sandell (United Kingdom), Ignacio Paravano ( Mexico), Claudia Zaldivar (Chile) and Damien Cabrera (Paraguay).

New England Museum Association 2019 Conference; (November 6-8, 2019; Burlington, VT): Anne Ackerson spoke in a session entitled Working Together Equitably: Reframing our Thinking from “What’s in it for Me?” to “What’s in it for Us?”Laura Roberts facilitated Getting Serious About Performance Metrics, a session in which David Ellis was a speaker; David also lead a Demonstration Station entitled Designing Data-Based and Member-Friendly Benefits Strategies and Laura also presented at the Independent Museum Professional Affinity Group Breakfast. Matt Kirchman lead a ThinkTank discussion on museums and climate change.

Design 4 People Conference; (October 23-24, 2019; Boston, MA): Matt Kirchman is leading a pre-conference workshop on October 22. In collaboration with DesignLAB architects of Boston, Matt will guide attendees in exploring how storytelling can be expressed through design.

Tanween; (October 10-26, 2019; Saudi Arabia): Amparo Leyman Pino will be one of the keynote speakers at the King Abdul Aziz Centre for World Culture (Ithra), in Saudi Arabia. Tanween is Ithra’s annual Creativity Season. It is an event filled with inspirational talks, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, installations and activities for all ages, covering science, art and innovation.

2019 Association of Midwest Museums Conference; (October 2-5, 2019; Grand Rapids, MI): Bob Beatty served on a panel on entitled Advocating for Your Career at Every Level.

Association of Science-Technology Centers 2019 Conference; (September 21-24, 2019; Toronto, Ontario): Robert “Mac” West coordinated the Informal Learning Experiences Traveling Exhibitions Forum.

Utah Museum Conference; (September 18-20, 2019; Brigham City, UT): Margaret Kadoyama delivered the keynote address entitled Museums Involving Communities: Practical Tools for Authentic Connections.

ASPAC 2019 Conference; (September 4-6, 2019; Brisbane, Australia): Robert “Mac” West gave two presentations: Connections of Science Museums and Universities are Mutually Beneficial.

AASLH Annual Meeting; (August 28-31, 2019; Philadelphia, PA): Anne Ackerson presented a workshop entitled Women Leading with Power and Authenticity. Janeen Bryant will present #KnowBetterDoBetter: Measuring DEIA Impact at Your Organization. Andrea Jones and Susie Wilkening will present The Warm-Minded Museum. Susie Wilkening will present Wanting to Know? American Perspectives on Bias, Trust, and Inclusive History.

Annual Meeting of the Association of African American Museums; (August 7-10, 2019; Jackson, MS): Marsha Semmel chaired a skill-building workshop on “Partnering for Greater Impact: Tools, Skills, and Resources.”

SENCER Summer Institute; (August 1-4, 2019; Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH): Marsha Semmel delivered the Open Plenary with a focus on Partnership Power: Learning Networks and Civic Renewal.

National Art Educators Association Annual Meeting; (March 14-16, 2019; Boston, MA): Mary Ellen Munley, together with Heather Maxson, Director of School, Youth, and Family Programs (WMAA) and Susan McCullough, Research & Evaluation Fellow (WMAA), presented a session, Evaluative Thinking: Creating Sustainable In-House Evaluation in Museums. The session explores Open Doors, the Whitney Museum’s initiative for expanding teen audiences. Critical to this new initiative was goal of establishing a culture of evaluative practice and thinking within the WMAA Education Department. Participants learned about practical, in-house evaluation tools, reflected on the role of evaluation and research within museum education departments and considered the possibilities for long term in-house evaluation in their own institutions.

The International Commission on Museums ICEE/ICFA Conference; (November 12-16, 2018; Barcelona, Spain): Robert Mac West‘s presentation was in the ICEE portion – International Committee on Exhibition Exchange. It was entitled “The C’s of Modern Museums – Contemporary, Challenging, Community, Controversial and Collaborative.”

New England Museum Association Annual Conference; (November 7-9, 2018; Stamford, CT): Laura Roberts participated in three panels. “Assessing Museum Impact: Early Findings from NEMA’s Research on Using Data Strategically,” based on the year-long research project undertaken with 8 museums in New England. TMGer David Ellis was part of the team. “Emerging from Financial Distress” was based on the work Roberts has been doing for a forthcoming book in the AASLH publications series on the same topic. And “The Leadership Partnership: How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Board Chair” drew on a volume of that name in the Templates for Trustees series she and Daryl Fischer completed for the Museum Trustee Association.

Summit Hosted by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; (October 28-November 1, 2018; Dharamsala, India): Susie Wilkening was invited to participate in summit on “Fostering Universal Ethics and Compassion Through Museums.”

Museum Trustee Association Fall Workshop; (October 25-26, 2018; Hartford, CT): Laura Roberts facilitated a panel on building boards during the Friday Forum. Maureen Robinson facilitated a Director/Chairman Workshop.

Association for Managers of Innovation; (October 24-26, 2018; Washington, D.C.): Marsha Semmel served on the core planning committee for the fall meeting. The theme was “Innovating to Cultivate Health Ecosystems.”

Western Museums Association Annual Meeting; (October 21-24, 2018; Tacoma, WA): Margaret Kadoyama moderated a panel entitled “When Museums Connect” featuring presenters Cassie Chin (Executive Director, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience); Joanne Jones-Rizzi, Vice President of STEM Equity & Education, Science Museum of Minnesota); Lorie Millward (Vice President of Design and Programming Thanksgiving Point Institute).

Romanian National Network of Museums Meeting; (October 6, 2018; Bucharest, Romania): Marsha Semmel delivered the keynote address at their “Museums Meet Museums” meeting. Her topic was “Museum Leadership in Today’s Networked World.”

Association of Science and Technology Centers Annual Conference; (September 29-October 2, 2018; Hartford, CT): Paul Orselli was one of the presenters for the “Annual Exhibit Walking Workshop.”

TyPA Lab on Museum Management; (September 24-28, 2018; Buenos Aires, Argentina): Barbara Henry conducted multiple sessions at the event. “The Activated Museum” and “Getting to Yes” focused on creative strategies for engaging visitors and communities and the internal practices needed to be successful. In “Getting Engaged: Public Engagement at the Center of the Organization,” participants explored what kind of organizational culture is necessary to be visitor-centered in the 21st century.

Mountain Plains Museums Association Annual Conference; (September 11-15, 2018; Billings, MT): Robert “Mac” West led an open discussion on controversial exhibition topics.

Asia Pacific Science Centers Annual Conference; (September 5-7, 2018; Taipei, Taiwan): Robert “Mac” West  gave two presentations: “Once Competitors, Now Colleagues” discussed various examples of museums coming together to complement and support one another. “Contemporary Science – Opportunities and Challenges” examined some of the issues of dealing with science that is not yet fully consolidated or accepted.

A’18 (AIA International Conference on Architecture; (June 21-23, 2018; New York, NY): Matt Kirchman gave a talk entitled The Hitchcock Center: Building a Teaching & Advocacy Tool.

Washington Symposium of the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement; (March 16, 2018; Washington, D.C.): Marsha Semmel presented, with Dave Ucko, on higher education collaborations with informal learning organizations (like science centers) focused on civic engagement.

Council of American Jewish Museums Annual Conference; (February 25-28, 2018; Washington, D.C.): Marsha Semmel was the co-chair. She made brief remarks in the opening session entitled “A Time of Responsibility”, as well as brief closing remarks. She also moderated a panel, “Federal Funding and Our Museums.”

Science Centre World Summit; (November 15-17, 2017; Tokyo, Japan): Robert “Mac” West presented a session entitled “Contemporary Science, Controversial Topics, Ethical Challenges – Exhibitions and Programs”

ReImagining the Museum: Medellin 2017; (October 31-November 4, 2017;  Fundacion TyPA, Medellin, Colombia): Elaine Heumann Gurian shared her insights on the museum field, concerns and future challenges in “WHAT´S ON THE EXPERT´S MIND?” Elaine also gave the closing words, along with María Eugenia Salcedo Repolês (Instituto Inhotim, Brasil). Throughout the week they audited sessions and interviewed participants, then presented a synthesis of underlying and overarching themes. Former TMGer Myriam Springuel presented “Un-learning and Re-learning Customer Focus,” discussing out SITES reexamined its customer base to un-learn decades of working methods and dramatically transform itself.

International Commission on Museums, Natural History Committee Conference; (October 25-30, 2017; Pittsburgh, PA): Robert “Mac” West presented a session entitled “Strategies for Exploring Local Natural Environments,” and presented a poster entitled “Traveling Exhibitions Support Anthropocene.” Matt Kirchman spoke on the role of museums to advocate for environmental literacy and behavioral change, and provided a “field guide” of examples where museums have met with varying degrees of success.

New England Museum Association Annual Conference; (October 25-27, 2017; Falmouth, MA): Laura Roberts facilitated a panel entitled “Finding New Relevance in Legacy Collections” and a Think Tank entitled “The Deaccessioning Dilemma: How Can We Support Standards AND Museums in Crisis?”

Association of Science-Technology Centers Conference; (October 21-24, 2017; San Jose, CA): Paul Orselli facilitated a Flash Session on “Public Engagement with Scientific Methods,” and be a presenter in the “Digitally Challenged-Digital Exhibit Fails & Wins” session.

Association of Science-Technology Centers Conference; (October 21-24, 2017; San Jose, CA): Robert “Mac” West facilitated and sponsored the “Informal Learning Experiences’ Traveling Exhibitions Forum.”

Mountain Plains Museums Association Conference; (October 15-19, 2017; Denver, CO): Robert “Mac” West will lead a session entitled “The All-American Eclipse: A Community Engagement Event.”

AAM Annual Meeting

Over the years, TMG actively participated in the annual meeting of the American Alliance of Museums. Please find details on our conference sessions and conversations over the years below.


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Phoenix 2018
St. Louis 2017

(selected thoughts on some of these Conversations are available in this PDF and a summary of other conversations in this article in the Informal Learning Review (issue 144; May/June 2017)
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