Judy Rand has 30 years of experience planning interpretive exhibits for museums, botanic gardens, aquariums and other cultural institutions, working on 120 exhibits nationwide.

An interpretive planner with a national reputation for excellence, Judy helps teams focus their ideas, understand their audiences, create an engaging approach, develop an interpretive framework, and create lively visitor-centered experiences.

Nine-time winner of the AAM Curators’ Committee Award for Excellence in Label Writing, she has also been cited for award-winning exhibits (The Seattle Journey; Mexico’s Secret Sea; Primate Reserve; Amazon Rising; Animal Eyes; Polar Play Zone; Pacific Northwest; Jellies; Amphibians; and Underwater Beauty.

“Our success springs from our love for the subject; our desire to understand visitors and help you connect with them; and our drive to solve tough creative problems—all propelled by an efficient process that comes from years of experience,” Judy says.

Known for her early work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where she established the Exhibit Research & Development department, Judy set new standards for exhibit development, label writing and the visitor experience. Her work was key to the success of the original aquarium and Outer Bay wing. She developed the aquarium’s interpretive plan, setting its distinctive style, tone and voice. As master developer, she launched seven groundbreaking special exhibitions.

As consultant to the Field Museum of Natural History, she set up a new approach to communicating with visitors, establishing museum-wide style for 13 exhibitions, including Gems, Families at Work, Inside Ancient Egypt and Traveling the Pacific.

Today, Rand & Associates’ services include interpretive planning, interpretive master planning, content development, creative direction and editorial project management. Judy also gives workshops and trains in-house staff to boost their skills.

Dozens of museums have asked for help with their label systems. From Claremont to Salem, each has a different audience, different goals, and different needs.

Recent work includes:

Interpretive Master Planning for the Desert Botanical Garden
Text Team Editor, Bill & Melinda Gates Visitor Center
Text Team Editor/Writer, Shedd Aquarium’s Underwater Beauty
Text Team Editor/Writer, MOHAI’s True Northwest galleries
Text team Editor/Writer, Oakland Museum’s Changing California galleries

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