In mid-October, Amparo Leyman Pino will be one of the keynote speakers of Tanween at the King Abdul Aziz Centre for World Culture (Ithra), in Saudi Arabia. Tanween is Ithra’s annual Creativity Season. It is an event filled with inspirational talks, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, installations and activities for all ages, covering science, art and innovation.

Tanween is an Arabic word for Nunation, a written letter accents that are a pair of “Harakat”. It adds another diversion to the voice and shape of a given word, it solidifies the meaning and intent. Nunation changes the form of a word, and Tanween express how the event affects us. Tanween gives people the opportunity to see and try things in a new way, and to explore where Tanween will take them. Amparo will be talking about the process of Play, as a tool for innovation and experiential learning. After her talk, she will also participate leading a workshop.

Image credit: King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture, Ithra