For the last 3+ years, Vincent Beggs has been doing business development for a “new media” start up, Magnopus,  in downtown LA. Magnopus is a Visual Effects, Dome Film, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality content developer and producer. As a result of their relationship with Beggs, they have created work for the California Science Center, Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, MoPop Seattle, and they are developing material for The Getty Center. This in addition to Mangopus’ work for mega clients such as Pixar and Disney.

On July 13th, 2017, Magnopus was nominated for an Emmy for their VR work with NASA and several Astronauts that resulted in Mission:ISS.  Mission:ISS is a trip into orbit to experience life on board the International Space Station. In this immersive simulation, viewers can learn how to move and work in zero-gravity. The user can dock a space capsule, take a spacewalk, and let real astronauts guide you on the ISS through archival video clips. The principals at Magnopus already have 3 Oscars and numerous other industry awards but this is their first Emmy nomination for their VR work.

For his role in the project Beggs recruited folks – planetarium and observatory scientists, science center directors and staff – to test it before release. This input was part of the data gathered to refine the “quality” of the experience.