Now. This year.
Don’t put it off. Don’t put it on a list.
Make your plans. Find a way.

Sixteen members of The Museum Group chose to go to Montgomery for our winter meeting, so we could experience the new Legacy Museum and National Memorial for Peace & Justice together.

Visiting and thinking deeply about museums is vital to our professional practices. We expected the bold new Museum and Memorial, confronting the legacy of slavery, lynching, racism and mass incarceration, to be an important, sobering, difficult, but rewarding learning experience.

We didn’t know we’d be blown away by their level of achievement: excellent on every measure.

We left the Museum and Memorial full of emotions: anger, sadness, shock, resolve. “Individually and collectively,” says Daryl Fischer, “the trip changed us.”

As individuals and as a group, we committed to support these museums’ work, and spread the word.

The Legacy Museum Photo by Juan Carlos Castaneda/Human Pictures

Go to Montgomery.
We urge you to make every effort to see and feel the Museum and Memorial in person.

Support this extraordinary effort: learn about EJI and the equal justice issues they advance.

A month later, we still think about the visit every day.

For the next three weeks in January, we’ll share what we saw, felt, and took away.

Please let us know what you think!

This week:
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