Gail Anderson founded Gail Anderson & Associates in 2002 to help position cultural and socially responsible organizations for greater relevancy and success in today’s complex world. Working closely with trustees, directors, and staff, Gail facilitates institutional planning, governance and leadership development, community and civic engagement, institutional capacity building, and provides professional development and education services.

With over 33 years of professional experience, Gail brings an extensive knowledge and understanding of museums, current issues, creative solutions, and diverse strategies for institutional success. Before beginning her own consulting business, she was deputy director of the Mexican Museum (San Francisco), vice president of Museum Management Consultants, chair of the graduate Department of Museum Studies at JFK University, assistant director of the Southwest Museum, and museum educator at the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Anderson has been active professionally throughout her career as a past Board member of the American Association of Museums, a member of the committee that produced Excellence & Equity, past president of the Western Museums Association Board of Directors, and is a current member of The Museum Group. In 1997, she received the Director’s Chair award for distinguished service and leadership from the Western Museums Association. Gail edited the best sellers, Museum Mission Statements: Building A Distinct Identity, and edited, Reinventing the Museum: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on the Paradigm Shift. Gail continues her commitment to advancing the field through frequent speaking engagements, writing, and teaching. Her second edition of Reinventing the Museum will be published in Fall 2011 and she is beginning work on two new books.

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