Christine Lockett, working together with Alusiv Inc., wrote the interpretive plan and most of the exhibit text for Beneath the Surface, an exhibition at the Penn Museum. Spectacular finds at the Precolumbian cemetery of Sitio Conte in central Panama shed light on a mysterious and complex society that thrived there more than 1,000 years ago. A high chieftain’s grave site is featured; excavated by Penn Museum archaeologist J. Alden Mason in 1940, the burial contained glittering gold adornments and plaques embossed with animal-human motifs, pottery, tools, and weapons. This new exhibition offers contemporary perspectives on the people and culture from a range of scholars and scientists.

The exhibition has been nominated in the Best Ancient Art Exhibition category at the 2015 Global Fine Arts Award competition. Fellow nominees include the Louvre, the Met, and the Getty. Winners will be announced during Art Basel Miami Beach.