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Andrea Jones is master educator with 20 years experience as a change agent and an avenger for forgotten visitors and non-traditional learners. She is a cheerleader for immersive experiences, the impact of human connection, and big questions over trivial facts. She works with museums across the country to reinvent storytelling techniques, interpretive methods, and organizational culture.


Starting as a high school social studies teacher Andrea followed her interests in experiential education to a career in museums. At the Atlanta History Center, she was part of an award-winning team that created a new framework for a more immersive visitor experience that included an emphasis on theatre, role-playing, and inquiry. Later, at Accokeek Foundation, she spearheaded an effort to re-write the mission and to re-interpret colonial history using the lens of environmental sustainability. The American Alliance of Museums awarded her team the first ever award for “Innovation in Museum Education.”


As an independent consultant, Andrea serves as a catalyst, facilitator, and designer for museums interested in:

  • Experiential or immersive learning:
    Over that past two decades Andrea has designed dozens of participatory experiences that propel learners to shift perspectives and reexamine their previously held beliefs. She’s invited people from all walks of life to enter worlds inhabited by Civil War soldiers, hip hop DJs, agricultural laborers, Civil Rights freedom fighters, quickly rotting strawberries, eco-exploring time travelers, and many more. She is an advocate for the rapidly erupting “experience economy” and supports museums in intentionally crafting their own brand of visitor experience and methods.
  • Prioritizing visitors in interpretive planning, programs, and exhibit development:
    Andrea helps museum staff to think more deeply about their organization’s “voice” and institutional demeanor as it presents itself to non-traditional learners and non-enthusiasts. She advocates that museums position themselves as facilitators of dialogue and askers of big human questions, rather than explainers of information. She conducts workshops that further the goals of sharing authority with visitors and valuing their lived experiences. Relevancy and bridging interests is at the heart of her practice.
  • Fostering Empathy and Examining Ethics
    How can museums serve a higher purpose than exposing visitors to collections, interesting stories, and fun experiences? One way is to provide opportunities for visitors to engage in self-reflection about their own personal values, ethical choices, and empathy towards fellow human beings. Andrea supports museums in learning interpretive techniques to use their collections and content as stimulus for visitors to make more purposeful life choices, bridge differences, and to articulate the kind of society they want to live in.

Sampling of Past and Present Clients

Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, Wisconsin Historical Society, The First Amendment Museum, Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, Arts on the Block, Greater Hudson Heritage Network, Eastern State Penitentiary, and more.

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