Join Marsha Semmel for a Professional Development Live Webinar on Wednesday September 27 from 2-3:30 pm Eastern time.

“Getting Started with Working Across Generations”
Greg Stevens, Director AAM Professional Development; Elizabeth Isele, founder and CEO, GIEE (Global Institute for Experienced Entrepreneurship), SavvySeniorsWork and; Samuel Moore, online communications coordinator, Missouri History Museum, St. Louis; and Semmel.

This session derives from the TMG-sponsored “generational inclusion” conversation between Semmel, Isele, and Moore  at the 2017 AAM annual meeting and another “working across generations” AAM session co-facilitated by Marsha Semmel and Greg Stevens. Today’s museum workplace is evolving, as five generations collaborate (or collide) as supervisors or direct reports, on project- and team-based initiatives across our institutions.  Join this lively conversation as we explore the various generations in the workforce today (traditionalists, baby boomers, genX, millennials, and gen2020), what characterizes them, what myths and truths are associated with each, and how we might address issues and concerns as we all learn to get along–and succeed–at work.