Carol Bossert founded CB Services, LLC in 1998 because she believes in the societal value of museums and exhibitions as a primary way that museums deliver this value.  Exhibitions provide spaces for exploration, renewal and conversation. They are a unique, three-dimensional medium that engages the imagination. Exhibitions are more akin to theater than textbook. They demand something of the user, whether it is recalling a personal memory or experiencing the world through someone else’s eyes. Carol uses her talents as an interpretive planner, content developer and writer to create exhibitions that are magical, memorable and transformative by

We identify content–the ideas, objects and images–that frame an exhibition and research the stories that make that content memorable. Then we create a narrative that ties the stories together and makes them meaningful. I write exhibition descriptions, detailed outlines and interpretive labels. We develop exhibits for physical and digital places, always working from the standpoint of the visitor or user.  We use a systematic and deliberate approach to planning so that decisions are based on visitor research and evaluation data.

In the early planning stages of a project, we work with clients to determine their goals and document their ideas in a statement of purpose. As the project progresses, we keep track of ideas, objects and images that support the narrative and offer strategies for involving the target audience in prototyping and evaluation. In the final stages of a project, we write exhibit text, manage its review and deliver it in a timely manner. Along the way we facilitate creative discussions, solve problems and build capacity within the organization to use exhibitions as a springboard to engage their community.

We work directly for museums, science centers, cultural organizations, corporations and government agencies to nurture and shape exhibition ideas. We also partner with design firms, architects, and media developers. We support clients at any and all phases of a project, from developing early concepts to writing and editing final text.

Carol Bossert is a museum professional with twenty-five years of working in and for cultural organizations. Since forming CB Services, we have worked with more than 40 organizations to plan and develop exhibitions. Carol began her museum career as a curator of natural history at The Newark Museum. While there she was involved in several renovation projects as well as developing the museum’s first science outreach programs. She brings her knowledge of museum best practice in collection management, conservation, education and exhibition design to every project she works on.

Representative projects include:
Aramco Corporate Visitor Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Behind the Badge, National Postal Museum, Washington, DC
Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve Visitor Center
Nature Research Center, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
NASA Glenn Visitor Center at Great Lakes Science Center
Old Faithful Visitor Center, Yellowstone National Park

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